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Pop In Pet Sitting

Looking after your pets in your home

Please contact us to discuss your requirements; we can tailor a package to suit you and your pet’s needs.

We can provide care for all your pets in your home while you are away. Whether you have a goldfish or a much loved moggie, we can help.

Interested? See areas we cover.

Cat Sitting / Cat Sitter

Cat Sitting

Cats are much happier when cared for in their own home rather than being in a cattery. We can cater for all your cat’s needs, including regular medication and special needs/diets. However, we are unable to accept cats with uncontrolled medical conditions.

Litter trays will be cleaned out, feed dishes washed out and topped up and water changed. The cat(s) will also be fussed and encouraged to play if they wish, or just an ear tickle or belly rub if they prefer!

We will also groom your cat; this is especially important in long haired cats, and we will also check your cat over to ensure that they have not been up to any mischief while you are away. We are fully aware of how sensitive cats are and we are experienced in detecting the subtle signs of stress in a cat.

Chicken Care

Chicken Care

Chickens are now becoming more popular, not only for their eggs but also as friendly and inqusitive pets. Like most pets they thrive on routine and so we will ensure they are let out in the morning and secured in the evening.

Eggs are gathered in daily and dated. Fresh water will be supplied daily and roosting areas cleaned out to prevent the buildup of droppings. They will be observed to ensure that there is no sign of illness.

Waterfowl, such as ducks etc., will be let out in the mornings and secured of an evening. They will be fed and any paddling pools for them topped up.

Boundary fencing around fowl runs will be checked on a daily basis.

Special Needs

Special Needs Pet Care

If a poorly animal needs syringe feeding or treating with vet prescribed medication while you are away, we able to do this and also check any wounds etc. No need to worry about a sick pet when you are not there.

Cats in particular can be very difficult to medicate but we have extensive experience with this.

We can know offer a in house convalescence service for small animals, particularly guinea pigs and rabbits. We know how difficult syringe feeding and medicating these animals can be, so can offer an enhanced boarding service.

Please note, we cannot board cats or dogs, we can only offer a pop in service for these.