Creature Comforts

Reptile Boarding

Board your snakes, tortoises or other reptiles with us

Facilities available

Here at Creature Comforts we just love all reptiles and snakes. We can offer accommodation in one of our four fully equipped vivariums – early booking is advised. However some owners may wish to bring their own vivariums and we can accommodate those as well. The vivariums are monitored twice daily for temperature etc to ensure that our scaly guests are happy.

Tortoises can roam in our sunny south facing garden during the day and can dine al-fresco. There is plenty of shady spots for them to snooze the day away.

If your lizard likes gentle warm baths, as some do, then we can offer that service as well. If you have specific instructions for how your wish your reptile to be cared for then please contact us to discuss your requirements.


We adhere to the diet that they are used to and are happy to feed live invertebrate food to lizards. We also supply fresh salad to vary the diet.


We also offer a collection and drop off service depending on mileage. Please ask for further details.

We are based in a village near Swadlincote and Burton-on-Trent which is easily accessible from the A38 and M42.