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Other Small Animal Boarding

Holiday Pet Boarding for your furry and feathered friends

Looking for details on Rabbit or Reptile Boarding?

Guinea Pigs

Facilities available for indoor and outdoor guinea pigs. Daily checks are carried out to ensure your piggies wellbeing and we provide plenty of fresh hay for bedding and munching. We provide a range of fresh vegetables daily. All you need to supply is the dry food that your piggies are used to which will avoid any upset tummies.

Claw clipping and grooming is included if required at no extra cost.

Mice, hamsters etc.

All rodents; mice hamsters, gerbils, rats etc are all welcome. We recommend that you bring your own cage with you as your pet is used to it and it can be used for transport.

Caged birds

We can board all caged birds; parrots, budgies, canaries, cockateils etc. We do have limited cages available (enquire for details) or alternatively you can bring your own.

Collection & Drop off Service

Not able to bring your pet to us? Ask about our collect & drop off Service.

Please note that unfortunately we are not able to board cats or dogs at present.