Our Services

We provide a range of services to suit your needs.

We can pop in to care for pets in your home or board rabbits, guinea pigs and reptiles. For dogs our group play / exercise sessions are very popular. Please contact us to discuss your requirements; we can tailor a package to suit you and your pet’s needs. Please note that we are unable to board cats or dogs.

Choose how you want us to care for your pet!

We provide a range of services, from pop in care in your own home to boarding of small furries and reptiles.

Girl holding dog
Pet Sitting background

Pet Sitting

Providing care for all types of pets in your home while you are away. Whether you have a goldfish or a golden retriever, we can help.

Dog Walking background

Dog Walking

Custom service to suit owners and dogs from comfort breaks to long walks. Ad hoc or regular walks.

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Group Dog Play / Exercise

A fun and exciting way for your dog to enjoy themselves in a safe and secure field while making new friends. A fantastic alternative to a standard walk!

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Rabbit Boarding

Board your rabbit with us safe in the knowledge that they are in expert hands. Luxury chalets, enriched with toys etc to prevent boredom. Plenty of hay and a range of salad / vegetables served each day. Also, limited space available for house rabbits

Guinea Pig Boarding background
Guinea Pig Boarding background

Guinea Pig Boarding

Boarding for indoor or outdoor Guinea Pigs. As well as hay and pellets, a wide range of fruit and vegetables are provided to ensure your piggies get their important vitamin C.

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Reptile Boarding

Lizards, reptiles and tortoises welcome. Fully equipped vivariums available or bring your own. Tortoises can have the freedom of our enclosed, safe garden with plenty of shady spots to snooze.


Contact us today to arrange a no obligation home visit or alternatively visit us to view our boarding facilities.