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Premium dog walking for complete canine contentment

Exhilarating dog group exercise sessions

Your dog is part of the family. Don’t they deserve the best dog walking service? Why not let us give your dog so much more than a regular walk? Dogs love romping, playing and running free. They are social animals and enjoy making friends and playing. On lead walking lacks stimulation and doesn’t fully provide the vital exercise that keeps them fit and healthy.In association with Pawprint Meadow, we offer a unique dog walking / exercise service in the dedicated safe and secure field situated in the National Forest. Your dog(s) will be able to socialise and get all of the exercise that stimulate both mind and body!There isn’t anything quite as beautiful and exhilarating as watching a group of dogs take off through the field – their powerful, long strides as they race each other around on the grass.


Each session lasts a full hour. Prior to each session we collect the dogs and then return them afterwards in our fully equipped air-conditioned dog van. This is fitted out with individual crates so your dogs are transported safely and comfortably.

Provided around midday as this is the most popular time to break up the day for dogs left at home while their owners are at work. We can take your dog Monday to Friday, full time, once or twice a week or just odd days. A maximum of 6 dogs will be exercised during each individual session.

All dogs are fully supervised during the session and the field is totally surrounded by 1.8m fencing and double gated, so it’s totally secure. There is plenty of room so the dogs can interact, or take a break and find their own space when they prefer. This makes it a more rewarding experience for your dog(s) who will come home satisfied and tail wagging. Clean drinking water is provided and there are plenty of toys and stimulation available.

We have many years of experience working with and caring for dogs. We have qualifications in dog behaviour and first aid. We understand that every dog is different so exercise and socialisation needs can vary. That is why we always discuss your dog and their needs with you before your dog’s first time at the sessions. We always manage introductions carefully to ensure new dogs are welcomed into the group and new friendships are formed as smoothly and quickly as possible. This ensures everyone has a fun and rewarding time.

Who is it for?

Suitable for all breeds and ages – from puppies through to seniors, they are sure to enjoy our group activity sessions. The more energetic breeds and younger dogs will especially enjoy chasing each other up and down the field, whilst the older or more sedentary dogs can keep and eye on proceedings and join in when they feel the youngsters need to be kept in check!

For your dog’s protection, vaccinations should be up to date. We cannot accept dogs that are aggressive towards people or other dogs.

Want to find out more about our premium dog walking?

Contact us today to arrange a free no obligation home visit to discuss your requirements and find out if your dog(s) would benefit from our group exercise / play sessions.