Reptile Boarding

Board your scaly friends with us.

We provide accomodation for a range of reptiles: Bearded Dragons, Chameleons, Geckos, Snakes and Tortoises.



We can offer accommodation in one of our fully equipped 4’  feet wide vivariums, each with individually thermostatically controlled ceramic heat emitters, T5 or T8 strip lighting, heat bulb protection for snakes and a variety of hides and logs for security and enhancement. The vivariums are monitored twice daily for temperature and humidity to ensure that our scaly guests are happy. We accommodate on paper for hygiene reasons in the vivariums – we do not use Calci Sand as it has been proven to cause impaction issues in Bearded Dragons.

All vivariums are maintained to a high standard and the set up will be adjusted to suit every occupant’s differing requirements. Vivariums are cleaned and disinfected between each use.

If you wish to provide your own hides and cage decorations, you are welcome to bring those.

However, some owners may wish to bring their own vivarium’s and we can accommodate those as well.

If your lizard likes gentle warm baths, as some do, then we can offer that service as well, dependent on species requirements.


We provide filtered water which is changed daily, and we feed live gut loaded invertebrates to lizards together with any dietary supplementation that is required. Snakes are fed a pre-killed diet of their choice. Please note, we cannot cater for snakes that require live feeding.

Fresh salad and, during the summer, fresh forage is offered daily to omnivores and herbivories.
Medication and syringe feeding

If your lizard requires syringe feeding or medication while you are away, then we can arrange that for you. However, we are not yet competent in medicating snakes. Medication and syringe feeding may incur an extra charge dependent on the time taken.


All reptiles must be healthy with no mites, apparent infections or yellow fungus etc. Reptiles will be inspected upon arrival and if any parasites or infection is found, you will be advised, that we cannot accept the reptile.
Bio security measures are maintained with F10 used for cleaning and we ensure that there is no cross contamination during feeding and clean out.

A record sheet is filled in daily with humidity, temperatures, feeding and shedding, so that you can see how your lizard has been cared for, while you have been away.


Tortoises can roam in our sunny south facing garden during the day and can dine al-fresco. There is plenty of shady spots for them to snooze the day away.

Alternatively small tortoises can be housed on our heated tortoise table.

Details & Charging

All feeding, care, temperature and humidity monitoring, handling etc is carried out for a rate of £5 a day.

We are based in a quiet village near Swadlincote and Burton-on-Trent which is easily accessible from the A38 and A42.

See our drop off and collection times here

Interested in reptile boarding?

Contact us today to discuss your requirements or arrange to visit us to view our boarding facilities.