Here is a small selection of what our customers say about us. Original checkable references are available.

Excellent service from a lady that shows extra levels of care and devotion to animals in her charge. Can’t recommend enough, we’ve used her multiple times over the years and have always been very impressed.
Highly recommended, first time I have done this but being summer I wanted my babies to be free to go out. Debbie is a very professional lady and I would not hesitate to use her services again. She has also boarded my sons cockatoo for a second time.
Debbie and John are amazing. I wouldn’t leave my babies with anyone else. I have been using them regularly for over three years. Debbie has squeezed me in many times last minute and has helped me when one bunny became seriously ill the morning I was leaving for two days to London. My sensitive cat couldn’t cope with a catery so the pop in service is essential for us. I have also visited their home a number of times and the animals in their care really do live the life of Riley! Debbie is the first person I turn to whenever I have a concern with my rabbits. I would not hesitate to recommend her services.
A recommendation from another pet sitter who could not medicate our newly diagnosed diabetic cat, Farrell, led us to Debbie and CC pet sitting.With a busy and booked up couple of months we needed someone to help stabilise him and also offer him some security.Debbie has done just that, his glucose is where it should be and he is putting some weight back on.She put us at ease with her calm approach to the fact he needed insulin injections and pointed out the advantage of the house seeming to be occupied, which we hadn’t contemplated.Debbie is happy to be contacted and will also update us as necessary which is a huge advantage when away from him.We are a couple in the military so we have family and friends all over the UK and travel a lot to maintain friendships and relationships.If we didn’t have Debbie it would restrict our ability to do it, we are extremely happy with her services and would hate to be without her.
Debbie is absolutely fantastic with our 6 month old puppy Barlow. She started looking after him when he was 3 months old. From first meeting Debbie we had no doubt that she would be a great sitter. We trust her completely with our house. She is completely reliable and has never let us down. In some cases when I’ve been stuck at work she’s popped to see Barlow at really short notice. She’s also really flexible. At the start she would text us after a visit to let us know Barlow was ok which gave us great piece of mind. She also does the little things like wash his bowl up afterwards and shut our blinds if we’re out late. When Debbie started feeding Barlow he would jump on his dinner and start eating straight away. We wanted him to sit and eat on command but could not master this. We mentioned this to Debbie to see if she could solve this. When we put his dinner down Barlow now sits patiently and starts eating when we tell him to. One one occasion I suspected Barlow wasn’t feeling very well. Debbie text me to let me know how he was and offered advice which put my mind at rest. Most importantly we can tell that Debbie genuinely cares about her work and about Barlow. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Debbie as a pet sitter. She’s a star- thanks Debbie!
I met Debbie a few months ago and finding her has been the best thing that’s happened for me and Dyson.He is very happy and relaxed when Debbie has taken him out and he truly loves her.I trust Debbie implicitly which I have to do as I also have two house cats.It is very difficult for me to give up control of my furry children and I would not trust anybody but Debbie to take care of them.I could not recommend Debbie highly enough, I would be lost without her and she has become part of our little family.If you would like to talk to me I am more than happy for Debbie to supply my telephone number.
It’s that time again and I can hear them coming! I’m so excited to see them! Will it be Debbie or John? I have such a lovely time on my walks and playing in the garden. I must be really special because whatever the weather they are always here to make sure I am ok, have enough food, water and treats!Even if I get a little over excited, eat things I shouldn’t, or have a little accident they always make sure I’m ok, warm and snuggly, and help me clean up! Debbie even takes pictures to send to my mom to show her how clever I’ve been at rearranging my bed, or shoes, or the bin ….. or anything else that has taken my fancy …..We have such fun when they are here and I love spending time with my special friends!Willow of course had much more to say, but can’t quite master the keyboard as yet! We can’t thank Debbie and John enough for all their help, support and care in looking after Willow for us when we are at work. It was a little daunting looking for someone we could trust to come into our home and take care of our, then, small bundle of mischief. She’s now a much bigger bundle of mischief, but fortunately, having Debbie and John visiting twice a day keeps her happy and the damage to a minimum. In addition to playing detective and working out what she has managed to find to chew, they have actually saved Willow’s life – over inquisitive dog and badly placed grapes! – and we can’t thank them enough.They are so reliable and flexible, that we know Willow is in safe hands when we can’t be here. Most of all, Willow loves them both and has a wonderful time. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them both and would be happy to speak to anyone thinking of having Debbie and John take care of their dog/pet.Thank you both for looking after our girl!
Highly recommend! I completely trust Debbie & John to look after my pets. They have cared for my bunnies for several years as well as my 2 ponies and my Dads tortoises, always to the highest standard. They are extremely knowledgable and are on hand to provide help & advice. They even provided boarding for my bunnies at a days notice. I’m so pleased to have found pet carers like D & J, I can go away knowing my pets are in safe hands.
I cannot praise Debbie highly enough. Until we discovered her we had holidayed separately as we couldn't find anyone we trusted to look after our pets as well as we would. Over the years she has looked after our rabbits and hens. Nothing has ever been too much trouble.................... and 4 months later we have had another worry free break knowing that Debbie/John have been in charge of our (already pampered) pets which now include a disabled cat.


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